End of the semester

Hi there,
I don´t think this gonna be my last post, but the semester is almost finished and so our seminar.
I am still doing some organizing for us on the wiki, because I think it would be a shame if we have all this great content but can´t find it later.
Ralf also put some new stuff on our seminar page. Task 9 is volontary and I don´t think i can make it to tomorrow, cause I still have to do a presentation for my spanish course, in spanish 🙁
I am also like Hauke not sure if we shuold do the oral examination tomorrow or with Ralf in a individual meeting, but it sounds like we gonna do it tomorrow. I am not so happy about that… but maybe it is not that hard then it feels, when iam reading the questions.
Here the are:
1. Make sure all Tasks are done.
Possible Questions/Topics
2. How did the Blog influence your Learning?
a. What was the biggest Problem with the Blog?
b. What was the best related to working with a blog?
3. What is the most valuable content in your Blog and why?
4. Explain how you worked with your blog.
5. Which other Blog did you like best and why?
a. Did you read the other Blogs?
6. Was there a differece to other seminars because of the blogs?
7. How could you connect content from this seminar to the rest of your studys?
8. Will you try to keep your Blog in the future?
a. If yes for what kind of purposes?
Number 1 is obligatory. Choose 2-3 Questions/Topics of Number 2-8 which will be prepared pretty solid.

I am still not sure, what I wanna prepare and there are still some hours left to think about that.
So that´s it for now.

Learning Theories

Our last task was to fill the wiki with lots of information about four different learning theoris.
There were Behavourism, Cognitivism, Connectivism and Construktivism.
In the next session we split up in to four groups and created pictures about theses learning theories. Samuel and I presented Behavourism. I think it was rellay good to have this task because after that I really understood the differences and now I have a good overview.
In this session it was the first time that we were filmed as well…. I don´t really mind because Samuel was talking most of the time, but I also haven´t seen it yet.

I am still alive

Hi to all of you.

I will try to give a short overview about what we did the last weeks in the seminar. Last time I was writing we had the online session. After that we talked about it and discussed what were advantages and what are the disadvantage and especially what we could do better next time.
I already mentioned in the last post what my opinion is to this and moste of the others thought the same.
Our notes on scribble I will try to embed the notes write away, but I think it did not work, like u can´t see them… hmmm maybe someone know what my mistake is.
But I will also try to embed the presentation about barcelona and microlearning, which u can see in slideshare.

Read this document on Scribd: Scribbles


Ok, i managed at least to get the presentation about barcelona in the blog so that u can watch it right away, but i have teh feeling, that it is not yet perfect, because u can´t make it big and u can´t listen to the podcasts…
 Here you can find the presentation about zotero from Jonas

After that we got the presentation held by Selma, Elena and Simon. They made three videos about computer based training and web based training. I thougt they were really great!!! Here is their presentation:

I must admit that the presentations became better and better every week. But I would also say that my group as hte first one just didn´t had enough time and weren´t sure how ralf wanted to have everything.

Online session

Hi there,

it is already late and I am happy about the soccer games, but before that I wanna say some things about our online session last tuesday.

I was already online at 9 o´clock and so I managed the first execise right away. We should make a link to the wiki from our blogpost with the environment pictures.

At 10 am more and more students entered the “chat room”. Susanne and tried the connection before, to see if we could hear each other and everything was fine. Suddenly the phone rang. And i could hear: “hello, hello, Hi, hello” from all the others which was really funny. Before that we already began a nice chat about the pens which write if someone is typing a message in.

After a warm welcoming, my mobile phone also rang, and it was Samuel who tried to enter Skype but wasn´t able so see all of that. So I told ralf to call him back and then we changed the chat room from Skype to Adobe where we could see ralf and his monitor. But unfortunately there were sound problems and so we changed from this to that and back.

To have something to do. Ralf gave us a link to you tube for watching a video about e-learning. But I must admit I couldn´t really follow all of it. Cause at the same time we were still chatting and u always have so many other stuff which gets your attention.

In the end I must say that it was really funny and a great experience, but next time we should have some tasks or little group works or anythingelse.

That´s it for now.



Hi to everyone,

I just realize that i haven´t been doing much these last weeks for this seminar. I am sorry- there is also so much other stuff I have to do and then this really grat weather:-) Ok, ok that is no excuse.
I know I am just too late for taks 6, sorry.

I just made a picture of my elearning environment. I am sorry, I did not tidy it up before….

here it is:


My non elearning environment will follow soon!

Here it is:

It is outside in the garden, cause at the moment with this weather I love to sit there in the sun and read all the stuff for University.

I also finally put on our Presentation in silde share. U will find a link on the Post “Presentation”.

I also would like to say something about the others presentations which we had two weeks ago. I was really impressed by their ideas and creativness.

I think the videos by Martina and Daniel were just perfect and explained everything so easily although I can imagine how much work it must have been!
But thankyou for this grear stuff!!!

Link List
















Our presentation

Hi Again,

I just put the Presentation into SildeShare. I hope it will work if u click on this: presentation!




this is our presentation for tomorrow.

I must admit I am not really sure, if everything will work out like we think. i really have the impression that everything is a bit “wischi- waschi”- however you say that in english. But I hope that we are a bit right with our task solution and that the others understand us!

See you tomorow!


PowerPoint About Micro and Mobile learning

some thoughts

micro learning

  • therefor: tagging – the same we are using here, is to organize all the information under one theme, also called a “meta-level”

micro learning and mobile learning

mobile learning

  • first: mobile learning focused on the mobility of the technology
  • now: mobility of the learner

2nd Group Work


I haven´t wirtten since a long time. Tomorrow is the next seminar lesson all together and we will talk about our results so far.
Last week me, Susanna and Samuel met in the uni to get together and talk face to face.
It was a bit difficult because we all had different knowledges so far about our topic. We decided to split the work in three groups. Susanna wanted to look for Microlearning, Samuel about the learning types and their use for micro and mobile learning and i wanted to have a closer look about mobile learning.

At itunes i found some podcast but there are not in really good quality. But I also think that we don´t really need a podcast on the thrue topic, because I think it can be everything what u can listen to on the mobile and then it is mobile learning.

Yesterday we wanted to meet on skype, but Samuel had to learn for an important exam so maybe we will do it some time this week.


This morning Susanne and I started our research on Microlearning. I found some really interesting articles about it. I was really surprised that there are conferences and a mobile learning day etc…
It is a bit difficult to talk only through this blog and I am not really sure how we can work together with the wiki.

But that is crazy because this seminar deals with e-learning and i am not sure how to organise e-learning…

that´s it for now, I need to go to the next seminar.